Holcim Global Hub Business Services

Our Culture

We , at Global Hub Business Services , are a flat organization with approachable leadership team who believes in rewarding & empowering high performance. Our approach to performance management is focused on the individuals' contribution in business success resulting in personal growth & development. We believe in transparent communication.

We value accountability, customer centricity, quality, innovation & meritocracy.

Diversity & Inclusion

With around 40% representation of females in the workforce, we are an empowering organization who believes in giving equal opportunities to our people to grow irrespective of any difference.

Diversity is magical. It drives creativity & innovation. Every individual has a different perspective to share. And we believe that by bringing everyone together, we can bring positive synergies resulting in progress for people & planet.

Continuous Process Improvement

The Process Excellence team here is responsible for making processes more efficient and effective. Ensuring that the processes within the organization are running smoothly and consistently achieving results.
Our Quality Strategy is standardization and coordination of expectations across different processes within the same organization or department.

Month Highlights

Compliance Month - May 2024

We at Holcim Global Hub Business Services are celebrating May 2024 as Compliance Month in collaboration with Holcim Global Digital Hub which is aimed at fostering a culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability across the organization.

Holcim Masterchef

Join us in congratulating the winners of the Holcim MasterChef 2024 for their exceptional culinary skills & presentation :

Jitendra Rajpurohit (Holcim Global Hub Business Services)
Namrata Gosavi (Holcim Global Hub Business Services)
Fiona Nadar (Holcim Global Digital Hub)

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