What we do

The Global Digital Hub is the technological powerhouse of Holcim, a global leader in the building materials industry. We're not just a service provider; we're catalysts of innovation, sparking transformation through our cutting-edge IT services that digitize core business operations across our global network of companies. 

At the heart of our approach is the fusion of technology and business, driving innovation through scalable solutions that accelerate growth. Our vision is anchored in deep ecosystem understanding, unwavering innovation, and consistent commitment to delivering agile, sustainable value to the business. We realize our goals through a design-thinking centric approach supported by implementation of the Agile framework in our business practices.

 Infused with agility, our solutions are a testament to our dedication to our customers and the ever-evolving market. Our adaptability fuels efficiency across diverse operating models, while our data-driven strategies and laser focus on user experience elevate service standards to new heights.

Functions at GDH

Digital Products and Technologies

The Digital Products and Technologies is the epicenter of Holcim’s global state of the art product development providing agile methodology and cutting-edge innovation, for seamless business interactions. The team is responsible for the creation and execution of the planned digital strategy for various business areas. Our team of Digital Specialists drive efficiency through Implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) and AI-powered chatbots for customer service and internal support, while enhancing connectivity via IoT for a more interconnected ecosystem. Serving as a hub of expertise and innovation, driving the adoption of emerging technologies and best practices across the organization.

Core Technologies

The Core Technology department serves as the backbone of our business operations, providing round-the-clock support to keep our SAP and peripheral eco system running smoothly. Our team of SAP Experts offer functional assistance across various regions for critical processes like procure to pay, order to cash, plant maintenance, record to report, manufacturing, human resources, quality management, project systems, third party interfaces, and mobility. They drive digital core transformation by identifying and implementing improvements, thereby ensuring efficiency and increase in productivity.

Information & Cyber Security

The Information & Cyber Security Function is our digital guardian with key focus on Building Cyber Resilience for our Business and operations, ensuring Cyber Hygiene, and creating Cyber Aware culture in Holcim. Their key responsibilities include designing and implementing security policies, technological and operational safeguards to protect the IT & digital environment and educating everyone on security policies and guidelines to collaboratively protect our digital space. They ensure we adhere to our Group standards and directives, manage the security services, adopt Best Practices, prepare for unexpected events through effective risk management, and ensure business continuity.

Infrastructure & Operations

The objective of Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) is to support the strategy, performance and agility of our business by delivering secure, performing and cost effective IT infrastructure and operations. Be it to enable collaboration, efficiency, or business effectiveness, infrastructure and operations provides the availability of IT services through different channels and to different devices.

Global Advanced Analytics CoE

The CoE’s mission is “ to be a trusted advisor and partner for Holcim Business Leaders to realize value from our data”. We  develop and deliver the capabilities required for Holcim to become a highly  data & digital savvy Enterprise. The Global AA CoE brings the following capabilities for Holcim’s Global Businesses - AI solutions, Data Science, Data Engineering, Business intelligence, Data & Analytics Platforms.

Human Resource

The Human Resources Function is involved in end-to-end workforce management. Our team of talent agents are involved with talent acquisition, succession planning, promoting diversity, organizing learning initiatives, performance and rewards, crafting, implementing HR policies, and driving employee engagement. The department has a pivotal contribution in shaping a dynamic and inclusive work environment.


The Finance Function is at the forefront of maintaining solid financial governance for the company. Our team of experts are responsible for meticulously planning and monitoring the financial aspects of both daily operations and major projects and ensuring compliance with regulations and internal standards. They play a vital role in supporting the budgeting and creation of funds for new projects as well. Overall, this function contributes to the company's financial strength and strategic growth.

Internal Controls

The Internal Control function provides management assurance for all the key processes including financial reporting and compliance with the Group’s Minimum Control Standards (MCS). In addition, the function manages the annual certification process, performs project advisory and assurance for risk mitigation.