About us

Global Digital Hub (GDH) is the technology service provider to Holcim – a global leader in the building materials industry. As an innovative business enabler, we create value with our differentiating IT services which digitize core business activities across our group companies globally.

Leveraging IT to enhance business, we drive innovation with our scalable solutions, accelerating business through technology. Our vision is to understand the ecosystem, innovate, and excel by delivering agile and sustainable value to the business. Our quick, flexible, and insightful customer and market-centric solutions are aimed at improving business efficiency of diverse operating models. Using a data-driven approach, we focus on agility and user experience to improve service levels.

Holcim Global Digital Hub (GDH) has undergone a transformation in order to provide our businesses with the advantages that come with the globalization of information technology. We have restructured GDH's operations by promoting a workplace that is more linked and collaborative, in which we can all learn, grow, and co-create.




2007 – 2010: The Origin and Early Years
  • Holcim Services, South Asia (HSSA) Limited is set up as a dedicated IT service center for India operations for the purpose of providing seamless IT solutions to the Holcim group

  • Setup of On-prem data center for India takes place

  • Service desk setup to facilitate India operations -Global BW platform and GRC goes live

2011 – 2015: Gearing Up and Building on Strengths
  • CRM Salesforce rollout

  • RFID and GPS tracking initiatives go live to support logistical improvements

  • Technological capabilities are leveraged to enable route optimization of Cement Logistics

2016 – 2019: Business Partnering and Digitalization
  • Global Digital and Global Shared services center set up in a new premise
  • Global TAC command center following the -Divestment of Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore -Singapore is set up as the regional data center for the APAC region
  • APAC IT services are consolidated in Mumbai for SEA, ANZ and Oceania as a technology hub to facilitate innovation and research
  • Technology solutions are enhanced and are extended to the cement business facilitating end-to-end solutions for the same along with the launch of Digitalization as a new offering. (BoG, EPOD, Customer Portal)
2020 – 2023: Riding the Digital Wave and India Divestment
  • APAC Cloud journey begins to facilitate Cost Efficiency, Scalability, Accessibility, Security and Mobility
  • Global Advanced analytics Centers of Excellence (CoE) was established  and new business partnerships are made with various countries on new services and products -The divestment of India takes place
  • The AMEA Procurement team is formed, and the Plants of Tomorrow (POT) customer experience management is deployed
Present-Day: GDH 2.0
  • We aim to grow our solutions and products to strengthen the GDH ecosystem
  • Enabling Holcim to deliver business priorities
  • We aim to accelerate our agile journey prioritizing cloud migration and data modernization

Empowering Holcim to serve global markets seamlessly.


Empowering Holcim GDH to lead the industry through dynamic collaboration, digital transformation, and forward-looking strategies that maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Where we're going

We are bringing our vision to life with “Strategy 2025 – Accelerating Green Growth”. Our strategic pillars are accelerating growth, expanding Solutions & Products, leading in innovation and sustainability, and delivering superior performance.


Accelerating identification and adoption of digital solutions and startups to support business objectives in the countries and regions Holcim operates in

Business Priorities
  • Strategies for the future IT landscape 2030
  • Accelerate identification and development of digital solutions and startups that support the business
  • Accelerate the adoption of existing digital solutions across regions
  • Continue with the focus on cyber security

Message from Leadership

“Welcome to the Holcim Global Digital Hub, where innovation and excellence transform the future. The Holcim Digital Hub demonstrates our belief that digitalization can create a sustainable and connected world.

In today's fast-changing digital world, innovation and technology are more important than ever. More than a network of digital solutions, our Holcim Ecosystem fosters collaboration, creativity, and transformational innovations. Our outstanding people, with their wide skills and persistent drive, are driving this ecosystem towards a sustainable and digitally enhanced future. We are making the construction industry smarter, greener, and more efficient with cutting-edge technologies, data-driven insights, and collaborations.

We strive for growth and exploration, pushing the limits. Our people are our greatest asset. We engage in continual learning and skill development to maximise our worldwide teams' potential. We empower our teams to lead digital innovation by delivering world-class training, mentorship, and collaboration platforms.By encouraging curiosity and learning, we aspire to pioneer new technologies, improve operational efficiency, and generate sustainable value for our global clients and partners.”

Vijay Purohit| CIO APAC and Head Global Digital Hub

Leadership Team

Vijay Purohit
Head - Global Digital Hub & APAC IT
Vaibhav Palan
Head - Core & Digital Technologies
Balaji Sheshadri
Head - Finance & Controlling
Anbu David
Head - IT Security & Compliance
Jhansi D'Souza
Head - Human Resource & Communications
Ganapathy V
Head - Global Advance Analytics Center of Excellence
Siddharth Soni
Head - Internal Controls & Compliance