Why Work at Holcim GDH?

The Holcim GDH is home to a diverse and talented workforce who are motivated to drive value buoyed by a fantastic work culture. 

We lead organizational transformation based on value drivers and build behavioral as well as technical competencies to create pathways that accelerate career progression. Through these methods we aim to create a robust leadership pipeline while propagating a culture of recognition and appreciation. Our well-defined processes and policies simplify work and enable automation.


The Six attributes of our employee proposition


We believe there’s always a better way to do things; it’s why we embrace fresh ideas and smart technologies to challenge convention and deliver the next generation of building solutions


We share a passion for the planet and its people, it’s why we develop better, more sustainable ways to make cities greener, infrastructure smarter and to improve the living standards for all 


We seek out diversity of thought and experience; it’s why we foster an inclusive workplace that celebrates our differences and creates equitable opportunities for all people to grow and thrive


We want our people to own and shape their own career, it’s why we provide access to the world class learning and development opportunities you need to thrive


We believe in the power of dedicated and connected teams; it’s why we have built a multi-skilled, global workforce that is on hand to support, encourage and inspire you every step of  the way


We want to inspire our people to perform at their best everyday; it’s why we foster a high performing culture driven by agility, empowerment and accountability

Life at Holcim


Diversity of thinking and experience is the catalyst for building an inclusive workplace that fosters synergies and creates equitable opportunities for growth. 

We look to build an inclusive and equitable workplace where all employees can thrive, with a reputation for attracting and retaining diverse talent. 

We forge positive employee experiences to provide moments that matter, ensuring our employees never hesitate in bringing their complete self to the workplace. Holcim’s goal to achieve at least 25% women representation in senior management by 2025 becoming a signatory of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, driving engagement initiatives like D&I Lean and our values of equality that are rooted in Holcim’s Business Code of Conduct help cement this fact.